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wonderworm06's Journal

30 January 1991
about me

Hello you! I'm a 20 year old Scottish film student. This lj will mostly be RL based, but I hope to put more fandom based stuff up soon when I have free time! Feel free to friend me if we have anything in common, or even if we don't! ♥


I'll pretty much ship anything, het, slash, femslash, RPS, I don't mind. The fandoms I'm currently most interested in are the Saw franchise, Harry Potter, British comedy RPS, Lost, Carnivale and K-drama/K-pop. Although I'm always happy to get recommendations for new things to obsess over!

30 rock, agatha christie, alfred hitchcock, alien, alkaline trio, all caps, always sunny in philadelphia, andy bernard, armstrong and miller, arrested development, axis of awesome, battlestar galactica, ben linus, bocke, brand new, breaking bad, breakout kings, bright eyes, bringing up baby, british comedy, buffy the vampire slayer, byron, c.n. blue, carnivale, cary grant, castle, charlie brooker, charlie higson, charlie jade, christopher nolan, clue, comidians, community, conor oberst, costas mandylor, craig parker, darken rahl, david mitchell, deltora quest, dexter, douglas adams, dr horrible, dr who, ed helms, edgar allan poe, epic fantasy, evan brightly, f.t. island, fantasy, femslash, fighting fantasy, filming, films, final fantasy, firefly, flight of the conchords, french new wave, gen, ghinzu, gris grimly, guillermo del toro, hamsters, harry potter, havemercy, horror, horror movies, infant sorrow, inglorious basterds, italian neo-realism, ivor biggun, jacob diefenbach, james stewart, james wan, john locke, joseph cotten, josie long, joss whedon, k-drama, k-pop, keats, legend of neil, legend of the seeker, leigh whannell, lord of the rings, lost, lupin, michael emerson, michael scott, misfits, mitchell and webb, modern family, monk, morrisey, murder by death, old films, orson welles, panel shows, pans labyrinth, poetry, previously on lost, psych, psychoville, quentin tarantino, radio comedy, reading, rimbaud, robert webb, rps, russell brand, sarah millican, saw, sci-fi, slash, snape, snupin, stand by me, stand up, supernatural, sword of truth, taking back sunday, terry pratchett, the cure, the fast show, the guild, the higsons, the league of gentlemen, the lonely island, the lost room, the oceanic six, the office, the others, the seventh seal, the smoking room, the used, the walking dead, tim key, tim minchin, tom basden, tv, vegetarianism, verlaine, victoria coren, voltaire, werewolves, wizard rock, wizards, writing, x-files, you're beautiful, youtube